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SDK Quick start

The Pegasys SDK exists to help developers build on top of Pegasys. It's designed to run in any environment that can execute JavaScript (think websites, node scripts, etc.). While simple enough to use in a hackathon project, it's also robust enough to power production applications.


The easiest way to consume the SDK is via npm. To install it in your project, simply run yarn add @pollum-io/pegasys-sdk (or npm i @pollum-io/pegasys-sdk).


To run code from the SDK in your application, use an import or require statement, depending on which your environment supports. Note that the guides following this page will use ES6 syntax.

ES6 (import)#

import { ChainId } from '@pollum-io/pegasys-sdk'
console.log(`The chainId of mainnet is ${ChainId.NEVM}.`)

CommonJS (require)#

const PEGASYS = require('@pollum-io/pegasys-sdk')
console.log(`The chainId of mainnet is ${PEGASYS.ChainId.NEVM}.`)


Comprehensive reference material for the SDK is publicly available on the Pollum Labs github.